2018 NYNCL League Meeting – Attended by Team Captains

Ramesh & Leroy ran the meeting
26 teams currently signed up. Max 32 teams.
Expecting a few more to join from Bangladesh Premier League because BPL is no longer accepting foreign (non-Bangladeshi) players.
2 divisions. Top 6 from last year playing in the top division.
Columbia has asked to stay in the lower division. Smart.
12-14 games depending on # of teams.
Top 8 in each division to playoffs. Quarter, semi, and finals.
8 fields

  • Kissena 3
  • Whitestone 2
  • Stables
  • Randalls?
  • One more?

Uniforms: 13 uniforms purchased along with registration fee.
Features team logo, league logo, and names/numbers.
I will ask that Columbia have no names and numbers. Tops will be given out before game and collected at the end. This will serve as a test case for similar system in coming years for all CCC teams.
If we want a practice game, we can contact league to pick up matting and play whenever.
Party on 7 April. We got 5 tickets.
Meeting in April. Exact date TBD.
Captain and Manager must sign the league rules. Notary will be present.


  • 100% ICC laws (free hits, bouncers, batter-in clock, etc)
  • Open registration. Not capped at 25 as was mentioned before.
  • 2 umpires at every game. $100 umpire fee / game.
  • All players must be on CricClubs with clear picture. Captain’s responsibility to keep theirs and to check opposition.
  • Must play 4 games to play in playoffs.
  • All online scoring but captains putting in own player stats? Some confusion here.
  • No cursing and no mean-spirited sledging. 1 warning. 2nd-time player is sent off the field and cannot participate rest of game. $25 fine. Player can’t play until paid. Fine donated to kids charities around the world. Part of 501(c)3 agreement.
  • Matches at 9:00 & 1:30. Strict start times. Lose overs for lateness.
  • 15 over / hour.
  • 10 min between innings.
  • No official water break.
  • Teams needing off on Ramadan must makeup games with doubleheaders.
  • Pink ball. Some people not happy about this. Do we have an opinion?
  • No matches on Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends.
  • Winners in each division get $2500 cash and free entry next year.

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