Club Membership and fees


We played 100+ games last season (2017) and managed it with a budget for 60 games. Thanks for being a member.

This year – we will follow the same fee structure as last year.

The budget is very tight – so in order for us to make certain key decisions and payments, we would need you to pay your membership fees early and as soon as possible.

Deadline for Tier 1 & Tier 2 – Feb 18, 2018 (please see note at the bottom of the page) 
(Only for members who played more than one game for Columbia)
Important: Send your payment through Zelle to

Here is the Tier structure for membership – please select one:

Tier 1:
$250 membership fee – no match fees during the season.
This would be a good deal for players who expect to be available and be selected for 15 games or more over the course of the season. Anything more than 2 games per month.

Tier 2:
$100 membership fee + $10 match fees
This would make sense for players looking to play between 10 and 15 games over the course of the season. Match fees would apply for league games and friendlies equally.

Tier 3:
$20 match fees
This would be for players who don’t expect to play more than 10 games and new additions to the club.

Late match fee:

On Tier 2 and Tier 3 Match Fees . If the payments are late ( you will be considered late 1 week after the game is played). A late fee will be charged payment will be $5 per week as late payment.


Regardless of your membership – your selection in any team will be based on your performance, skill, and attitude only.

If you are a student or need any financial assistance – please feel free to reach out to me separately. Also reach out to me separately with any questions or concerns.

Why become a member:
You will get a chance to play on Saturdays and Sunday in one of our league teams all through the year. We play more games than any other club.
Our membership fees are one of the lowest in the tri-state area. We support students. We are also arranging discounted rates on cricket gear and net sessions for members.
Help us on our journey to becoming the best club on and off the field. Contribute to achieving a high standard of excellence – and this will end up with benefits in all facets of your life.
Columbia is one of the largest clubs in the tri-state area and has a long history of being the official cricket club of Columbia University. We are now a 501c3 non-profit and aim to be around for a long time in the future. The runs and wickets you take playing for us will be part of the club’s legacy.

After Feb 18th. Membership fees for players who have played for Columbia in earlier season increases by $50
Members/players from 2017 or earlier (who have played a games with us in previous seasons).Please note if you do not inform us (Ganesh or Sriram) and have not paid by Feb 18th. Tier 1 fees and Tier 2 fees go up by $50
Tier 1: $300
Tier 2: $150 And per match fees $10
 New members to club have deadline till 01/05/2018 to choose their membership.

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